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Love Events: Highlights from Martell Iconic Blueprints – Detroit

Love Publicity recently attended Martell Iconic Blueprint as a special invited guest from the event producers hosted by “heart healer” Rob Hill Sr. For those who are unfamiliar with Martell Iconic Blueprints it is a  series of networking experiences designed to recognize local emerging icons who embody the spirit of Martell, and use their stories to help foster dialogue and empower others.

Representing the city of Detroit was Tommey Walker Jr. the founder and creator of the infamous brand “Detroit vs. Everybody.”  We’re very familiar with Tommey over at the Love Publicity PR Boutique and we were so proud to watch him get honored.

During the  event we had to pleasure to speak to some people who were very instrumental in Tommey’s life, here what they said

The event is good for the brand, great for Tommey and a good look for the city” Said Walker’s partner @pluggedinwill

“I appreciate they’re taking notice to my son, because Detroit vs Everybody is about the city.” Said Walker’s mom.

“Tommey has made it. he came along way. I’m proud of him.” Said Walker’s longtime childhood friend @ObaRowland. 

Rob Hill Sr. did a wonderful job hosting the event and giving the audience a glimpse into our city iconic representer Tommey Walker Jr.

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Watch the Recap from the event and see the event from our eyes below:

Martell Detroit from one50one on Vimeo.


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