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Five: Questions for Janea Buckingham

JaNea C. Buckingham

Shoed-In LCC Publishing Company

 With 9 out of 10 magazines failing, I find pride in successfully establishing a niche fashion magazine, credibility and distribution outside of the fashion capitals.

I love being an entrepreneur because it’s an exciting path to walk and run on. Every day is different and challenging, something I wasn’t getting in the corporate environment. You’re also free to be the decision maker instead of having to wait on higher ups to implement changes and ideas.

On my down time I like to make jewelry and watch movies.

One piece of advice I like to give to people starting out in my business is don’t be discouraged by naysayers and take “no”  to mean “not right now.”

 If you want to be in my industry you have to be timely, resilient and a problem solver.

If you were to spend the day with me you would find out I was an excellent dancer (because I practice in my office everyday) and a big kid at the end of the day.


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