Five: Questions for Ebony Cochran


 The Pure Strands Collection

Provided a platform for people seeking to start their own business to sell human hair through their own personal site without a high cost overhead

I love being an entrepreneur because… its my passion. It’s in my blood, as a child I watched my grandfather run his six businesses with no help from anyone. He taught me then to be my own boss and to not make someone else rich with my talents. Entrepreneurship is hereditary in my case. I love turning the word “no” into “now.” 

On my down time I like to… research new ventures and products that have not yet hit the market. Some things that might be big in other countries may not have hit the U.S. yet. I want to be a a part of that process.

One piece of advice I like to give to people starting out in my industry is… to research research research. There is so much vital information out there that is right there at our fingertips. You no longer have to leave your office to find out about various things around the world pertaining to your industry. 

If you want to be in my industry you have to be… dedicated. This is a hard industry to break into because it is a saturated market. It’s even harder for me because I am transitioning from the finance industry. 

If you were to spend the day with me you would find out I was… a workaholic. My brain never shuts down. I am constantly thinking of new things and ideas to tap into. This business world is mine and I will not stop until I have my hand in every sector. 

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