Experiencing Love: #PrGirlDalon Internship Experience

The experience that I had at my internship Love Publicity has truly been a rewarding one. When I first came into this internship, I had no idea what the job had in store for me. I admit that I was a little nervous walking into a new environment. But who wouldn’t be right? However, I’m glad that I was able to work in a professional environment with exciting and friendly people. Love Publicity is a very glamorous public relations firm and the opportunities are endless.

I enjoyed working with my Teia so much. Her personality has inspired me to come out of my shell and not be afraid to take chances. She is really nice and she takes great pride in her work with the clients that she works with.  Teia gave me many assignments, but my favorite was the social media assignments. I loved being in charge of the Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagram posts. I was able to create my own social media name #PRGirlDalon. I like being creative, and every time I posted something, my worked showed how creative I was. I also liked when my content was recognized by Love Publicity’s fans. It was a wonderful feeling when my Facebook posts were commented on, when my Twitter posts were retweeted, and when my Instagram posts were liked! I felt like I my work had a positive effect on our Fans.  I was able to use all of my public relations skills that I have learned from my previous classes and apply them directly to show Teia what I was made of.

My peers at my school even notice public relations presence. They were so impressed, that they even wanted to know how they could intern for Love Publicity!  I’m happy to refer anybody to Love Publicity. The experience was one that I will appreciate and value.