Lanisha Jones Intern

Experiencing Love: An Intern Experience

Lanisha Jones Intern

Name: Lanisha  Jones

Classification: Public Relations Senior

School: Eastern Michigan University

My internship experience with Love Publicity has been an amazing learning experience. Having the opportunity to work with such a devoted PR professional like Teia was great. I honestly look to her as my mentor. The projects that were assigned to me during this internship not only prepared me for what PR is all about but also gave me “real life” hands on experience with the entire aspect of representing a client, putting in the necessary work to market that client while also establishing your own personal brand. With this internship, I was able to utilize my PR skills that I acquired in my PR courses at EMU. The internship was a lot of work but I enjoyed every moment of it. I think the best part of my experience with Love Publicity was the fact that it always kept me on my toes, I had to be open-minded, creative and involved.   I’m glad Teia gave me the opportunity to work with her, because after this internship I’m pretty sure that I want to pursue a career in Public Relations.