Expecting Love: Summer Intern Dalon Expectations

I define public relations as “Good information understood by the public.” The reason being is because companies always want to dish out good things about their products. Whether someone needs help getting their word out to the public or they need their reputation saved, I would be happy to help. I enjoy working in public relations for various reasons. But the number one reason is because of the new people that I get to meet. I believe LovePublicity will help me do just that and then some.

I spent three months trying to find an exciting internship, but nothing seemed to grab my attention. When I discovered LovePublicity, I had no idea of what to expect. I then found out that LovePublicity works with clients that work in the beauty, fashion, and film industry. I thought “WOW! This just may be the most exciting job that I’ve EVER HAD!” In order for me to succeed in a job like this I want to “F.E.E.L” it. Here’s how I break it down. FUN will keep me motivated to come to work. EXCITEMENT will keep me looking forward to what’s going to happen. ENERGY will keep me going, pushing, and striving to do better. And LOVE for my job will be sure to keep a smile on my face. If I can grasp a natural “F.E.E.L” of my job, it will be whole lot easier.

There are so many things that I plan to experience with this internship. First, I want to learn all about the professional lives of people in these particular industries. I’m a naturally shy person. So I really REALLY want to come out of my shy, sheltered, shell that I’ve outgrown, and enjoy being in the limelight around people who deal with the glamorous life every day. If the client is a beauty client, I want to learn all about their cosmetics, body products, whatever! I’m as girly as they come, so I want to try new products and help spread the word. To me, that’s the fun of getting gift bags at different events with a product launch, and a free lip gloss, lotion, or accessory is always handy and nice.

But besides getting free stuff and meeting new people, I also want to be able to apply all of my PR skills that I’m learning in college. Information is key. It’s essential to know the do’s and don’ts, preparations for big events, interviewing. But also, have fun doing them all!

I hope to acquire all the skills that are necessary for my success in this industry. As I mentioned before, I tend to be very shy around people that I don’t know. It’s time for me to BREAK THAT BARRIER! I had the privilege of working with hot clients that have the potential to blow up!  If I enjoy this internship as much as I anticipate to, I will pursue my dream career with a PR firm in a raddle-dazzle environment.

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Twitter: @DalonAshley22