Expecting Love: Summer Intern Misha Expectations

Finding public relations internships while in school can actually be difficult, most companies want you to have prior experience in the field…even though you may only be in college. Or of course, they want you to dedicate “so much” time to the intern program while in school and trying to work. This was the problem I faced trying […]

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Expecting Love: Summer Intern Dalon Expectations

I define public relations as “Good information understood by the public.” The reason being is because companies always want to dish out good things about their products. Whether someone needs help getting their word out to the public or they need their reputation saved, I would be happy to help. I enjoy working in public relations […]

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Lanisha Jones Intern

Experiencing Love: An Intern Experience

Name: Lanisha  Jones Classification: Public Relations Senior School: Eastern Michigan University My internship experience with Love Publicity has been an amazing learning experience. Having the opportunity to work with such a devoted PR professional like Teia was great. I honestly look to her as my mentor. The projects that were assigned to me during this […]

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